1. Farmers to KVK

Details of feed back

  • Farmers desires to provide wilt/dry root rot reistant varieites of gram/lentil
  • Demanded early maturing less than 60 days varieties of green pea
  • Early maturing high yielding variety of pigeon pea so that the crop may be escape from frost during flowering and poding stage
  • Control of weed infestation in gram/pea/ standing crop


2. KVK to Research

Details of technology

  • Extra early green pea variety may be developed
  • Control measures of dry rot/wer rot in legumes specially lentil and gram
  • Post emergence applicaition of hebicides for controlling of weeds in gram and pea
  • Varieties which can tolerate shade conditions without reduction in yield needs to be developed
  • Short duration variety of pigeon pea which is resistant to wilt and suitable for double cropping needs to be developed
  • Good quality, resistant to pest and disease guava variety needs to be developed suitable for rainy season
  • Arhar is severely affected due to wilt hence some organism required to be evolved which control the wilt
  • Variety which can tolerate collar rot/ wilt during early stage needs to be assessed 
  • Varieties which can perform better under shade conditions needs to be developed
  • Development of market channels for Ashwagandha needs to be developed
  • The effective bio agent needs to the identify for the control of disease like charcoal rot and YVM in soybean
  • The area required frost resistant short duration variety for the double cropping system
  • The compatibility of foliar fertilizers and pesticides application needs to be search out so that the application cost may be curtail
  • Suitable inter crop with eucalyptus for the degraded lands and rain fed areas need to be identified
  • Leaf liter of eucalyptus plantation may be tested as a weed killer for the inter crop of paddy
  • Micronutrient or some enzymes may be tested  for dual purpose (heat inducer & nutrient supplementation) in cow instead of chemical
  • Probiotic may also be tested for the poultry
  • Herbal or natural substance may be identify in place of chemical piprazine for deworming
  • The radish variety for summer needs to be identify
  • Erucic acid free genotype with minimum seed shattering  is  required
  • Bottle gourd variety early as well as free from powdery mildew is to be identified / developed