Interactions with other Departments of agriculture


Nature of linkage

Training program for extension personnel related to ATMA

Technical guidance with respect to identification of AES, survey and PRA, preparation of SREP and Block action plan

State department of Agriculture 

Diffusion of technologies through field staff and take feedback from the villages 

State Horticulture Department
Diffusion of technologies, feedback regarding problems and need of the farmers in the area

Backstopping of field staff and technical personnels

Funds for dissemination of newly developed technologies
Joint efforts for control of obnoxious weeds viz., parthenium and their management in different weeds
Coordinator, Sesame and Niger (ICAR), JNKVV, Jabalpur
Joint varietal demonstrations of sesame and niger for low productive rainfed areas
State Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur

Inter changing of ideas, technologies        

Ensure the supply of planting material for the users
TFRI, Jabalpur
Popularization of improved forest planting material, conduction of demonstrations of various agroforestry system at farmers’ field; technological improvement and popularization of different agroforestry modules
Regional Organic farming Centre, Adhartal, Jabalpur (GOI)
Support in execution of organic farming system at the farmers field by providing funds through GoMP.